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Midi File Player
Whilst they will play in Windows Media Player, to get the most out of these rehearsal files you will need a fully-featured midi file player. Recommended is Chris Hill's MidiPlay, available to download at no cost - click here to download Chris Hills' Midi-Player.

With this Player, you can change the volume of any track, slow down or speed up the music, replay any part you like, and even change the instrument assigned to each track (especially recommended are Gunshot and Bird Tweet). Although this program can show the score, this is not very reliable, and it is probably best to use your printed copy.

Please note that these files are designed for rehearsal purposes, and do not purport to be music. However, some of them do become quite catchy after a time.... They come from a number of sources, and have varying degrees of sophistication. Some have full accompaniment, some have none. Some have dynamic or tempo variation, some don't. Some have . . . . well, you get the picture.

If you spit any miskates, or have any comment to make, please email the Webmaster who is, even now, sitting at home waiting for someone, anyone, to get in touch.

 da capo

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